2 Day Canyoning Rigging Workshop


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Course Overview

This canyoning/canyoneering rigging course is directed to those who want to learn and practice their canyoning/canyoneering rigging skills in order to be competent in rigging their own descents. With instruction from professional canyoning instructors, you will review the technique and get rid of bad habits while learning new techniques and skills. This course includes the V7 level 2  online Rigging module to be completed before arrival this way we can pack in as much as possible without having to spend too much time in the classroom. We love this format because it gives you the module forever!  Which gives you the ability to refresh and continue to learn even after you leave Ouray. After booking setup your free V7academy level 1 account, once you have registered the Level 2 rigging course will be added to your account. 


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Program duration:

2 days


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Kaden Anderson

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Canyoning Colorado

Course Description:

A canyoning/canyoneering rigging workshop for those who want to feel confident setting up rope systems and managing vertical obstacles. Practice your skills and polish your technique with this multi-day canyoning rigging workshop led by professional canyoning instructors.


  • Gain the skills to begin be independent in the canyon
  • Learn basic self rescue
  • personal instruction with multiple highly qualified instructors

Inclusions & Exclusions

  • Full Canyoning Equipment
  • Lifetime E-Learning Access through V7 Academy
  • Transfers to canyons
  • 3:1 client to instructor ratio
  • Accommodation
  • Food & Beverage


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