Canyoning Tours

We have Canyoning Tours that cater to anyone’s schedule or skill.

Start by choosing a difficulty level below, then decide if you want to join us for a Half Day or Full Day adventure!

Beginner Canyoning Tours

Angel Creek begins with a fantastic section of back-to-back waterfalls; it is the perfect place to learn canyoning / canyoneering.

$89.00 Per Person

Half Day Canyoning Trips in Ouray

Beautiful limestone narrows and a big waterfall, Portland Creek is OUR FAVORITE as an introduction to canyoning / canyoneering.

$109.00 Per Person

Want to pack it all in one day? Do both Portland Creek and Angel Creek in the same day for a Full Day adventure!

$179.00 Per Person

Intermediate Canyoning Tours

ICOpro Canyoneer Photographer Course with Canyoning Colorado

Oak Creek is Ouray’s classic Intermediate Canyon. Big waterfalls and nice narrows, this canyon is not to be missed.

$189.00 Per Person

Upper Uncompahgre River

Our wettest adventure with jumps and slides; Upper Uncompahgre River truly is an awesome canyon.

$189.00 Per Person

Possibly one of Ouray’s most sought after canyons. Big walls and big water!

$219.00 Per Person

Advanced Canyoning Tours

Corbett Creek is a canyon to remember with its beautiful red sandstone walls rising above. This canyon is epic in both beauty and technicality.

$239.00 Per Person

The Monster! People are taken aback by the 280ft waterfall that crashes into the town of Ouray. You should see what’s above it 🙂

$279.00 Per Person

Ouray’s original power house! A descent of this canyon will put you in Ouray’s exclusive canyoning club.

$299.00 Per Person