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Canyoneer Photographer

Course Overview

The ICTC ICOpro Canyoneer Photographer is the first course of its kind in the world: an 8-day course, 3 days pre-learning/5 days practical, that is entirely focused on the technicalities of canyoning photography and content creation. It is directed to those who want to expand their adventure photography portfolio and provides a different career path within the ICOpro Course Structure.

Price: $1090

Contact us to register your interest for our 2018 ICOpro courses. Once details are confirmed we will notify you of dates, pricing and more! Drop us an email at info@canyoningcolorado.com

Duration: 8 Days

  • Pre-training course E-learning:   3 days Minimum
  • Canyoneer Photographer course: 5 days
  • Classroom sessions: 2 days
  • Clinic Sessions: 2 days
  • Certifications:   1 day
  • Accessible to anyone who has reached the age of majority in his/her country of origin.
  • Have completed the Canyoneer Level 1-2-3 or equivalent canyoning technical knowledge from other organizations.
  • Be in good mental and physical condition.
  • Swimming: 50m (150ft) and running 500m (1500 ft).
  • Medical certificate issued less than three months prior to the training course, testifying that the trainee is physically and mentally fit for canyoning activities.


The program is focused on the basics of digital photography and content creation for commercial purposes (i.e.: working as a photographer in a canyoning center). Trainees will acquire specific knowledge, learn and experiment how to produce canyoning-specific content for ICOpro and Affiliated canyoning centers. Despite, the photography knowledge will open up other photography work possibilities in adventure tourism.


Short but intense, the ICTC CAPH course is divided in 2 full days in the classroom where the theory will be discussed, as well as 3 pratical and creative sessions in Ouray’s vertical and aquatic canyons


Canyoning:Trainees are requested to bring their own autonomous canyoning equipment; despite, Canyoning Colorado can provide the full technical equipment upon request.

Photography: Trainees must provide their own DSLR camera system, personal computer,  waterproof system (dry bags and/or waterproof housing such as Outex). Please contact the course organizer & examiner for more details on these requirements.

Full Curriculum:

Check out the full CAPH curriculum on the ICOpro website.

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