Oak Creek

Intermediate Canyoning Tour

Half Day Trip

$189.00 per person

Oak Creek Overview

  • Trip start time: 8:30am
  • Trip duration: approximately 3.5 hours of canyoning, plus 1 hours hike up.
  • Biggest Rappel: 135 feet
  • Minimum Age: 16 Years Old
  • Equipment: we provide you with specialty canyoning gear
  • Transport: from the town of Ouray to/from the canyon
  • Experience Required: Yes, please see prerequisites detailed below.

Trip Description

This is the perfect introduction to Ouray’s Intermediate canyons, suitable for individuals that have been canyoning /canyoneering before or those with relevant outdoor experience.

Canyoning Colorado honor previous experience that is relevant to canyoning.  Our intermediate tours are a big step up physically and mentally from our beginner tours; we have to employ strong prerequisites to ensure safety levels remain appropriate. If you feel you have relevant experience that is sufficient for the demands of an intermediate tour please get in touch via email prior to booking.

Oak Creek is broken down into three sections: lower, middle and upper. You will encounter the lower section, which is in fact the most fun and challenging of all three!

The tour begins right in town walking to the canyon from one of the local trails. The hike will take up to 60 minutes with gear in tow. We always take a comfortable pace, which is key to enjoying your time outdoors! As you reach greater elevation you will enjoy views of Yankee Boy Basin and Camp Bird in the distance, an old mining town which fetched a sizable amount of gold and silver in its day.

As always, each rappel will present different challenges; you will soon see why previous experience rappelling is a must – it enables you to focus on getting the job done!

The biggest waterfall that you encounter is almost entirely in the flow. Here you will feel its power as it cascades down into a pool of water. Another rappel  is mostly overhanging, meaning you have little to no contact with the rock edge once you set off.

We’ve only touched on two of seven waterfalls you will encounter, so what are you waiting for? Come back and see us in Ouray, and take your experience to the next level.

It’s important to have a good breakfast before you go on any canyoning trip. During the trip we’ll take a break for snacks, to help keep your energy levels up!


This is an intermediate canyon, where previous canyoning / canyoneering experience is required. The hike is demanding at elevation; suitable for athletic individuals with a high level of fitness. Swimming experience is necessary. Trips confirm with two people and the minimum age to join us in Oak Creek is 16 years old. Travelling solo? No problem, get in touch and we can book you on a confirmed tour.

Lower, Middle and Upper Oak Creek

If your outdoor and canyoning experience is on par with our safety requirements, you may have the option to combine sections at additional cost. It is important to keep in mind that the more sections you do in the canyon, the greater the commitment! We require a good level of fitness, swimming ability and expect experienced individuals to move a little faster as they are comfortable in the environment presented. If you feel this is for you, Oak Creek sections can be discussed prior to booking online or by phone.

Alternatively you can email us on info@canyoningcolorado.com  -We’d love to hear from you!

$189.00 per person