1. What is canyoning?

A canyon is a natural environment, deep in the mountains. You will walk into the canyon, and then make your way back down following waterfalls as they cascade down into pools of water. There a multiple ways to move through canyons, including walking, rappelling (abseiling) jumping, swimming, scrambling and sliding.

2. What is the difference between canyoning and canyoneering?

Two e’s and an r!¬†Different word, same meaning ūüôā

3. What is the difference between rappelling and abseiling?

Nothing! Different word, same meaning ūüėČ

4. Can I wear glasses in the canyon?

We recommend wearing contact lenses in the canyon; please bring an extra set along for after the trip, in case they fall out during the tour.
If you do not wear contacts, glasses can be worn with sport straps that are available at most outdoor stores.

5. What do I need to bring?

All that’s needed is swimwear, a towel and athletic shorts for the ladies on the hike up. Please wear your bathing suit under your clothes when you arrive so you are ready to go canyoning! You will be wearing the socks & shoes we provide for the hike up. Your clothes, shoes, towel and personal belongings will not come into the canyon with us; any property your bring on the tour is at your own risk.

Please note, we use the sizes you provide at the time of booking to pack the equipment for you, please ensure you give accurate sizes for each participant in your group.

6. I cannot swim, can I go canyoning?

Yes, please inform us at the time of booking and when the guide introduces themselves to you.

7. Do I need previous experience to go canyoning?

No, our beginner canyons suitable for all ages; adults and children (min. 12yo). For our intermediate and advanced tours, we do require some experience

8. What level of fitness is needed to go canyoning?

We require a decent level of fitness as the activity involves walking, scrambling/down-climbing, rappelling (abseiling), and occasionally jumping and/or swimming. You should be prepared to sit and stand multiple times during a tour as you move through uneven terrain. Some tours are more demanding than others, so please read the description carefully. You will need to be prepared for an active day, but we do not require athletes!

9. Can my children go canyoning?

Yes, most children love canyoning – we offer tours in a natural water park! The minimum age for children to join Canyoning Colorado is 12 years old. We have children’s gear, but they must fit the safety equipment to participate in the activity.

10. Can my children go canyoning without the supervision of a parent or guardian?

Your child can join our professional instructor in the canyon, so long as participants are over the minimum age. We will need a parent or guardian to sign our waiver prior to them joining the trip.

The minimum age is 12 years old in our beginner canyons. However, after Jul 4th if your child is age 10 or over, they can join us in Angel Creek!

11. Is the listed trip price for adults and children?

Yes, everyone requires an equal amount of attention in the canyon; one price applies for anyone who wishes to participate in the activity.

12. Am I too old to go canyoning?

You’re only as old as you feel! If you are in good health and want to try canyoning, we have tours suitable for all levels. We want to introduce and share canyoning with all walks of life. Give us a call if you’re unsure, and we will discuss the options available.

13. What if I have or had an injury?

Canyoning is a physical activity, and it can aggravate existing injuries. You must inform us of all injuries prior to partaking in a canyoning tour. We recommend getting in touch prior to booking.

14. What if I have pre-existing medical conditions?

Your doctors and insurance will have advised what level of activity you can partake in. To join us in the canyon, we must know of all pre-existing medical conditions so we can determine if the activity is suitable or if needs to be adjusted. This is why we request notification at the time of booking.

15. What is the minimum number of people that can go canyoning?

We require a minimum of two people for a tour to go ahead. If you wish to join us in the canyon, and you will be going solo we will do our best to book you onto a tour that is already confirmed!

16. Can I go canyoning in the winter?

Canyoning is a seasonal activity; the canyons fill with snow and the waterfalls freeze! Canyoning Colorado currently operate between June РSeptember annually. The weather gods decide when we go canyoning; if weather permits we will operate in May & October as well.

During the winter months be sure to check out Ourays Ice Park.

17. Is there a weight limit?

For safety reasons we must ensure our customers fit the equipment. The harness is a crucial piece of equipment that must fit properly. For this reason, participants must have a waist and hip measurement of 45 inches or less. Prior to booking, please familiarize yourself with the activity and what a trip entails. To participate in the activity we require a decent level of fitness.

18. Can I wear my own wetsuit?

We prefer that you use our wetsuits, due to the high risk of introducing an invasive species from your personal wetsuit.

19. Can I bring my Camera/GoPro?

Your camera or GoPro is a legitimate safety concern in the canyon. We will be as accommodating as possible if you want to bring it, but there are a few rules:

  • You must heed all safety instructions from the Instructors regarding the use of your camera.
    • We reserve the right to confiscate your camera during the tour if we believe it is causing a danger to yourself or others.
  • You assume all risk of harm to yourself or others by the camera.
  • You also assume the risk of damage or loss to your camera (which is frequent in canyons).
    • Don’t forget the camera will get wet!
  • Cameras cannot be mounted or strapped to the helmet or other safety equipment, and your hands must be free at all times in the canyon. The proper functioning of your safety equipment is absolutely paramount.

And don’t forget, we’re taking pictures too! And they’re free!

20. What if I have dietary restrictions?

Lunch is included on full day canyoning trips, this includes the Portland + Angel Combo tour. If you have signed up to one of these trips please inform us of any dietary restrictions at the time of booking.

21. How do I get to Ouray if I am not driving?

You can book a shuttle with Western Slope Rides from Montrose Regional Airport, Telluride and more! You can find further information about local airports by checking out the Visit Ouray page on our website.

22. Where can I leave my dog when I go canyoning?

Local pet sitters available in Ouray, Colorado:

  • Chris’s Pet Grooming: 970-325-4822
  • Annie at Ouray Dog Walking: 970-729-0292

23. How shall I prepare for a canyoning trip?

Be sure to¬†fuel up before your tour; we recommend having a decent meal before you come canyoning. Finally, get dressed! Please have your swim wear on underneath your clothes. Ladies, we recommend wearing some kind of athletic shorts over your swim wear. ¬†That’s it! We provide the rest, shoes, neoprene socks and wetsuit as well as all the safety equipment needed to go canyoning.

Please note canyoning is a weather dependent activity. Our tours operate when it is safe to do so and we rarely have to cancel a tour. We continue to monitor the conditions in the canyon right up until the tour departs. The weather is checked 60 minutes prior to departure in the mornings, but due to regular occurrence of afternoon thunderstorms we cannot check the conditions until the time of departure for the half day beginner tours departing in the afternoon.  When your schedule permits, we always recommend a morning departure!

24. What if you have to cancel my tour?

Canyoning is a weather dependent activity. Our tours operate when it is safe to do so and we rarely have to cancel a tour. But when we do, we offer you a full refund or the opportunity to transfer to another day, time or trip.

We continue to monitor the conditions in the canyon right up until the tour departs. The weather is checked 60 minutes prior to departure in the mornings.  Due to the regular occurrence of afternoon thunderstorms we cannot check the conditions until the time of departure for the half day beginner tours departing in the afternoon.

Our canyoning trips depart daily, and in 2016 & 2017 we cancelled a total of four tours. While no season is the same, this gives you an idea of how consistent our service is. When your schedule permits, we always recommend a morning departure.

25. Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes! You can purchase a gift certificate online, click here to learn more.

26. Do you have an office I can visit?

The office closed for the 2017 canyoning season. We’ll be up and running again in 2018!

The best way to reach us in the off season is by emailing info@canyoningcolorado.com