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Are you interested in becoming a professional canyoning instructor?

To join the Team of Canyoning Colorado as an instructor the first step is signing up to a professional ICOpro course. With these courses, we can train you up to be internationally certified and a valued member of the team. While personality and enthusiasm are key elements as an outdoor guide, we are looking for professional instructors that will lead our customers safely through the canyon; all while showing them a good time.

Already have what it takes? Ckeck out our current employment listings below.

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Positions available

Canyoning Assistant Instructor (AIN)

This position is available for the summer season, between the months of June – September. We are a small team, so the role will likely be part time on an as and when needed basis. This position is ideal for someone living in the area, or looking to gain guiding experience and ICOpro training.

Job Description:

Have all the required skills to assist an ICOpro Instructor (IN) before, during and after a canyoning trip, including the Canyoneer Initiation training course (CAI). The Assistant Instructor (AIN) helps the Instructor who is in charge of the excursion; the Assistant Instructor must be skilled enough to supervise the group in the case of an emergency.

Job requirements:

  • Familiarity in a canyon environment, and/or experience working as an Assistant Instructor.
  • An Assistant Instructor canyoning training qualification from the International Canyoning Organization for Professionals (ICOpro)
  • Current and valid first aid certificate. Wilderness First Aid or above.
  • Current and valid drivers license for operating a vehicle in Colorado, USA
  • Leave No Trace ethics trained
  • Must be a US resident, have a valid work permit
  • English speaking

ICOpro Canyoning Instructors

Are you interested in becoming a Professional Outdoor Guide? Canyoning Colorado provide on the job training as well as ICOpro Canyoning Courses helping you begin, or progress your career as a Professional Canyoning Instructor. If you have questions about the job and/or training requirements get in touch now, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

ICOpro Course Schedule

Canyoneer Level 1-2-3 (CA123)
May 27 – June 3, 2017

Assistant Instructor (AIN)
June 8 – 17, 2017

International Validation of Skills (IVS) / Assistant Instructor (AIN)
Contact us for 2018 course dates.