Advanced Canyoning Tours

You’ve got quite a bit of canyoning (canyoneering) experience under your belt, and now you’re ready to take on the giants. The team at Canyoning Colorado are ready to take you there!

Advanced Canyons are an endurance exercise; they will put all of your previous skills to the test, and some new challenges will be thrown into the mix! Previous canyoning / canyoneering experience with us or another ICOpro affiliated center is absolutely required: Prepare yourself for a mission with a capital “M”!

Full Day Canyoneering Tours

Corbett Creek, Canyoning Colorado

Corbett Creek – Full Day Tour

Corbett Creek is something else with it’s tight narrows in a beautiful red sandstone. This canyon is epic in both beauty and technicality.

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Cascade Creek, Canyoning Colorado

Cascade Creek – Full Day Tour

The Monster! Everyone who visits Ouray is taken back by the 280ft waterfall that crashes into town. You should see what’s above it.

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Canyoning Colorado

Weehawken Creek – Full Day Tour

Ouray’s original power house!  Put your advanced canyoneering skills to the test. A descent of this canyon will put you in Ouray’s exclusive canyoning club.

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